We help you find your way, 

        by location intelligence,                               by consultancy                                      or by solar lights ... 

Jockey has started in 2002 as developer of AVL solutions and in 2004 as manufacturer of GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking devices. It has pioneered in providing the Middle East market with this technology in turn-key projects. Our  customers were enabled to monitor and control their fleets on their own by using these solutions. 

Recently, Jockey has adapted third party products for economic reasons. Our role is concentrated in system integration and consultancy. The tracking of vehicles and assets is provided as a service by subscription with monthly or yearly charges. Smart phones are being used as a practical tool, not only for personal tracking but also for fleet management.

Our consultancy extends to private and governmental fleet owners in putting standards for the supply of tracking and fleet management systems and or services. 

 Furthermore, our expertize in the use of social media for on-line promotion is also extended to various customers as paid consultancy service.

Solar LED lights and solar power generation is  the new line of business, in which Jockey Electronics is pioneering in Jordan and the Middle East.

Our concrete experience is that people do appreciate the natural light ( like full moon) that is not aggressive and because directed to the ground there is less light pollution in general .

One of the most economic means of power generation, but friendly to the environment  from the above perspectives, is the use of solar energy, in which electric power is produced by direct conversion of solar radiation. And as we all know, solar energy that reaches the earth's surface is significantly much higher than those of all global energy needs of mankind ...  

Therefore, the question: why not take advantage of this potential?